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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Three Hours in My life.

James ready to go to the Hospital to have his fortnightly plaster change. At the beginning it was every week for a couple of months. Some times in the rain UGH!

The wheelchair follded ready to put in the back of the car

The chair in the car, some days it fits easy today it was hard to get it to fit, so I had to put the back seats down. Didnt think we would be leaving any time soon.

The dreaded parking meter, we just about own one of the wings as we have spent much money and many hours feeding this monster.

The Hospital wainting for us to enter, I stands there everyday waiting for people like us

James ready to go making sure his wallet is in his pocket

The lifts, we have already walked a distance , and have been to the Renal Unit to get weighted sitting in the wheelchair. James is weight I just push the thing.

In the lift waiting for take off , this is the view I have on our outings.
I like this shirt it says a lot . MMM mm is JAmes getting more grey ,

waiting room waiting.

the plaster room, where is happens , usually see the doctor in here , one day there were about 10 of them .

Getting the plaster cut off.

This hasnt seen the light of day for a few months

Off to 3rd floor for an xray on the left foot.

The view I have in the plaster room, James and the sink mmm

The view James has when he is having the plaster changed

the left leg in all its glory. This leg they are trying to save from collapsing. as the right leg has done. Maybe a month or two and we will have it out of plaster. Today we are off to have and

x-ray done as James has been having pain in his heel. Bad enough to wake him up at times.

This special stuff stops the plaster and gunk from causing pressure spots on the leg, so it wont go into ulcers and other nasties.

Rodney putting on the soft stuff to stop the plaster sticking
plaster is already on then we have the fibre glass for stength

waiting for the water to drip out so we can go home.

the new ramp will make our outings so much easier. when it is finished

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