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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Surprises

I have been lucky enough to have some of Mothers old fashioned Christmas Lillie's that last for ages and smell so good.

I was sitting in the garden recovering from pulling out some grass, get tired these days from radiation treatment on the breast cancer so have to sit and recover a lot
When I saw what I thought was cellophane paper . when I investigated I found to my delight this lily. Well I think it is . I don't remember planting it but I love it . If I had planted it I would have put it in a different place I am sure. If anyone knows the name please tell me .

Saturday, September 18, 2010


WE have had vistors from Colorado Springs for 2 weeks . We went to a gorgeous lodge,so the Brother in Law could fish for trout. but it was stormy so we just relaxed around a pig as the power was out. I went for a walk and took this picture of the lodge. Heavan.


Wattles are out every where they are so pretty

Sunday, August 29, 2010

august 12 2010

August 12 The Christening Gown I made gets another airing. Luci Phyllis Gladys a brown haired baby in a red haired family they are so pleased. And she has so much hair. The baby behind Luci is Milly who wore the dress back in February.

We had quite the family gathering as it was a special day so we managed to get a picture of us all , well almost all 3 missing grandchildren. Now why doesnt that surprise tee hee.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

To Hobart Just because

James and I decided for our 9th Anniversary we would have a few days in Hobart, My childhood Home. Home for me until my parents passed away. This is the first time I went to Hobart because I wanted to go. Had not reason to go . Just because.

This is my beloved Mount Direction. I walked up the right hand side aged about 14 with a couple of friends. This was the view from our bedroom window. I loved its moods and colours. I hated it when fire threatened it. The views from the top were my first experience of real views, love the memories.

We also visited the childhood home, it is rather different now. Dad's precious sheds have gone. and a better view of the house is had. Memories. The window showing white was my bedroom.

This is the actual view from my bedroom window, my mountain, there always , when I was happy , sad, sick or well. I loved to wander in the bush and look at her , She is steadfast and always there .

They have changed the name of the street we lived in too , It is now Church point. Mmm interesting . I like t he history of Gregson Street, after Mr Gregson who settled at Risdon at the time of first settlement. The little church came much later. Although it has convict bricks in the foundation.

The lovely look of federation houses and Mount Wellington again. a view from our hotel.

Hobarts Sunsets are wonderful to see.

My happy husband on a Safari bus telling a Domadary he is friendly . WE had a lot of fun at ZooDoo in Tea Tree

We enjoyed the feeding of the animals and James now wants a Kangaroo as a pet. I dont think so some how . For some reason he didnt ask for a Devil

The Emus and Ostriches we fed by us holding a white paper bag of chaff, and prepared food, James' Ostrich swiped his whole bag of food bag and all and proceeded to eat the whole bag. Much to every ones delight. We had a ball and I think the animals did to

There are Tigers and Lions too see another time
Some cute birds and monkeys to see to. I ran out of battery in the camera , so was shut down from taking too many pictures.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This lady dies quilting on quilts to die for

Sunday, June 13, 2010

How to win your heart

They wrap their fingers around your heart and you are gone! Luci

Mum and her two babies. ELla is pretending she is asleep. Two sleeping wee ones. Makes my heart melt.

13 days old and fresh from a bath. cute as a button

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Number 9

June the 1st was a special day for many people . For us it is because Luci Phyllis Gladys Terry joined our expanding family she is so sweet . I haven't met h er in person yet. I have the dreaded cold/flu with the cold sores that are so dangerous to newborns. So I will get all well before I meet her. I have been told lost about her. like she weighted 8lbs 8oz and she has dark hair. Her brother and sisters have the gorgeous shades of Strawberry blonde . So she will be a stand out beauty in her family. We will meet her soon and love her to bits. I never thought I would have children, much less be the grandma to 9 gorgeous angels. WE are proud of our kids and grand babies. Who are all as excited as we are that another soul has been entrusted into our family.

Monday, May 10, 2010


This is not the miracle we thought it would be. It weighs 3 half kgs, is cumbersome, has to be changed twice a day. They at first expected us to keep it on 24/7. No way not sleeping with that. And you thought spurs were a bad idea. So we change it for a lighter softer version at night, still hurts if it kicks you.

BIG SIGH! such is life. AND we are gettign a second one on the other foot real soon. Are we excited, yes to wash the leg, and to treat the ulcers . Having the caste changed every two weeks to treat the ulcers underneath. Oh the fun and excitement . WE have !

Monday, March 22, 2010

I stole this idea from Jasmine, who stole it from some one else.

Watching :: House, Biographies, movies love "the Blind Side"
READING :: Phillipa Gregory "the White Queen" Like her books right now
Reading :: Blogs, learning from them
Making :: progress, very slowly on some charity quilts, a quilt for me and making my spare room livable for friends and family to visit.
Eating :: wishing I could eat raspberries and cream right now
Feeling :: flat as a pancake
Thinking :: Should be doing some other things
I have so much to do
Hoping :: i will get some things done today.
Wondering :: how much will I achieve today and will it be worth the effort, when this cold thing will go away so I can think
Hearing :: the TV , knowing Hubie is happy and not needing my help just now.

Liking :: autumn days and colours and cool nights and my kids and their kids coming to see me
Wanting :: just a lot more time - some time for just me . A whole day would be nice like the day in the picture , just me and two Grandbabies, enjoying being together and by a river mmm so good!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A broken arm and a wet Grandma

Feb 12 Saw me rushing to the aid of Sam's wee family as his oldest 15 month old had broken her arm in a fall. A week later saw me again rushing to their aid as she had to have the arm reset under anaesthetic. A huge thing for the family. Happily they are all fine and we all survived this trauma.

Grandma also survived

Mum and Dad getting madam ready to go to theater

last hug with DAD

I only want my Dad now its over, He will give me Food please. The hardest thing is to make a small child go without food and water.

I am coping very well with this thing Grandma, but I get tired of it. It moves when I run, oops it fell off 3 times. Then they made me a bent one, stays on and I can get up off the floor and play.

The next day while Grandpa and Grandma visited I got to hold Missy #2 who was to have a bath. Mmmmm ooops ahhhhhhh well is is only refined milk and it was warm !!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Today I have been busy. And very Blessed.

I have seen all but one of my children and spouse's or is that spice's. In one day.
Good to catch up with them all. To see those precious Grand babies , total 8.
To spend time with them. to see how they have grown, so much.

MY Dear Mother always said "they grow at the end of summer".
Boy she was right, they are growing.

So are the two special spirits growing in Utro. big spurts happening there too. I envy the mums having this special time with the newest souls coming into the family. How I loved being pregnant. The anticipation, the special feelings I had,while being a co-creator. Sigh I miss those special times.

Had some special time with one wee soul, 'reading' the newspaper, she was so proud, much to see in the newspaper, many pictures that held her interest for a long time. I cant get her to sit and read a book with me yet , but the newspaper she loved.
She told her Dad when he came home "paper" but he didn't know what she was telling him, but Grandma did, as Grandma's do.

I hope these sweet spirits remember me, I hope I am around long enough to have many special times with them. I hope they know I love them very much for the special little people they are.

A sweet lady my Auntie Pearl , left this life yesterday, I have also had memories of the times we were together. Remembering my Parents, and their siblings and special childhood times we had.
I was blessed having them as my teachers. A special Day for me . More than just another day for me.
James is also a huge blessing to me , remembering some of our times together too.

Getting older wasn't so bad today, reminiscing and remembering

Danger Danger Danger

WE have been told we have had a snake sunbathing on the nature strip. Too close to home for me, creepy. Eyes wide open looking looking everywhere for the snake. Why do I get the feeling I will find him/her. Brrrrr and it is mating season, so usually where there is one there is too. this is all too creepy , when you consider we live in the suburbs not in the bush.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Been sick this week

After 3 days of gastro, and not eating for 4 I have the pleasure of having the sorest mouth and nose I have ever had. This is it getting better. Also you cant see the biggey inside the nose. So glad I have pain killers to take the edge off it.

I am so so tired too , slept more this week than I have in a long time.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the week after busy time.

James to the plaster clinic' Friday
"Oh we are so sorry the Crow boot is not ready for another 2 weeks"
OK big Sigh
Same old same old
old plaster off, OH THE SMELL James has a mess on the front of his shin. Puss and smelly gunk oozing from under the plastic cover on his leg, where the skin was pulled of in two place last time it was changed.
To my horror nurse cleaned it up ,
put more plastic dressing stuff on ,
told us it would be OK and trotted of.

NO Doctor no medication nothing .
I asked but was told No in no uncertain terms.

I did take a picture and we did visit our GP with the pictures and she gave him some anti-biotics at least which may or may not help . Gosh if it gets too bad he will loose the leg, but hey do the plaster clinic care.............seems not.
they got to put the plaster on which "is their job" I guess, don't even ask a resident Doctor what he thinks. Hey they still get paid if James looses his leg, every one is happy but me who will have to do the physical and metal work when shit happens.

Think I am over hospitals and Doctors and all that . Sure I am they have made so many mistakes with us already. But another day another Doctor another problem.

I am so glad we get it off next fortnight (we hope ) so we can dress it , and care for it .

So after that we come home, I haven't been feeling so good for a couple of days by this. Saturday I have a few trips to the bathroom to visit Auntie.
Sunday we get up to go to church and I go and go and go , like the Milo Add says, but to the bathroom . Don't stop until Monday morning.
Monday I try some food, and I am off again. So no food until Tuesday night .
Wednesday I wake up feeling so bad ( and have family crap to deal with )
By the afternoon I Have a cold sore, OH JOY happening on my chin.
Thursday I wake with cold sores on 4 more places on my mouth sore sore sore!
well clusters of cold sores and up my nose I can feel one lurking there , oh sweet. I ache, my head aches , a feel so bad and my mouth is a thing of beauty ---NOT. I am not a happy camper.

I forgot to mention the guy from the carpet shop came to inspect the vinyl floor which is bubbling again!!!! they are going to replace the whole floor again. I am not excited with this at all . I am so over renovations and such.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Australia Day, the boys Day and the Ramp

We have been busy.

Australia Day on the 26th January, saw us at Alice and Josh's home having a BBQ. I had Two of Daniels children over for the day and they were playing with Beau Alice's baby.

I have always wanted to learn to Tat, After 3 lessons, hours of frustration, as seen in this picture . I have put it aside until another time.

that night we had a BOYS ONLY SLEEP OVER. We have 8 grandchildren and only two of them are boys. So we had fun playing on the ramp and doing boys stuff . ( also comparing notes about how life sucks with an older sister, and who wants to play Barbie ..dirty word ..dolls anyway )

Our Grandma would never feed us Junk or let us lay in bed and eat it , or let us watch TV doing it either!

After the boys went home , the men came to lay the cement on the RAMP. AS one Grandson said "Grandma you have an excellent garden now you have a ramp!" They even came on Saturday on with a scooter to prove it tee he.


The birds are busy attacking the plums, on this quiet morning , when suddenly the silence is broken by a truck backing into the drive. The birds fly off in disgust as men are daring to walk under the tree they are consuming their breakfast , lunch and dinner How dare they be so rude!


The cement is busy rolling around in the truck as a wheelbarrow approaches, and is filled. How exciting is this .

The first barrow full is tipped in place, It is really happening at long last.

SIGH Independence for James, relief for me !

Oh dear I have to wait two days to use it? But keep going you are doing a great job. James inspecting the work .

It is everything we hoped it would be and more. Who knew getting dog food out of the shed would be so fulfilling. And feeding your dog and watering the garden would be so wonderful???

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Three Hours in My life.

James ready to go to the Hospital to have his fortnightly plaster change. At the beginning it was every week for a couple of months. Some times in the rain UGH!

The wheelchair follded ready to put in the back of the car

The chair in the car, some days it fits easy today it was hard to get it to fit, so I had to put the back seats down. Didnt think we would be leaving any time soon.

The dreaded parking meter, we just about own one of the wings as we have spent much money and many hours feeding this monster.

The Hospital wainting for us to enter, I stands there everyday waiting for people like us

James ready to go making sure his wallet is in his pocket

The lifts, we have already walked a distance , and have been to the Renal Unit to get weighted sitting in the wheelchair. James is weight I just push the thing.

In the lift waiting for take off , this is the view I have on our outings.
I like this shirt it says a lot . MMM mm is JAmes getting more grey ,

waiting room waiting.

the plaster room, where is happens , usually see the doctor in here , one day there were about 10 of them .

Getting the plaster cut off.

This hasnt seen the light of day for a few months

Off to 3rd floor for an xray on the left foot.

The view I have in the plaster room, James and the sink mmm

The view James has when he is having the plaster changed

the left leg in all its glory. This leg they are trying to save from collapsing. as the right leg has done. Maybe a month or two and we will have it out of plaster. Today we are off to have and

x-ray done as James has been having pain in his heel. Bad enough to wake him up at times.

This special stuff stops the plaster and gunk from causing pressure spots on the leg, so it wont go into ulcers and other nasties.

Rodney putting on the soft stuff to stop the plaster sticking
plaster is already on then we have the fibre glass for stength

waiting for the water to drip out so we can go home.

the new ramp will make our outings so much easier. when it is finished