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Friday, January 8, 2010

What was missed

Hi , missing in the post.

James to be in a Crow boot for the rest of his life. Only to be taken off showering. BUT he wont need the wheel chair much then we hope. That will be good. Using a walker instead

He Sad cant drive the car, Me sad to all this driving get tiring.
He glad to be able to wash his leg Me glad he will be more in dependant
and foot.
He sad boot for rest of his life Me unsure of it all
He decided on deep purple for the Me he will get sick of that colour
colour of his boot.
He wants it all over Me too ( but it is our life now)

NEXT goal to get the left leg plaster off and it be OK.

After the hospital we went to Sam's block to see what he has been doing , It is starting to look like a house now. He and Ben were busy putting in a retaining wall. Until wives mothers and kids arrived to disrupt them. It was good to see though. Pleasure to a Mother and Grandma's heart.

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