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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Australia Day, the boys Day and the Ramp

We have been busy.

Australia Day on the 26th January, saw us at Alice and Josh's home having a BBQ. I had Two of Daniels children over for the day and they were playing with Beau Alice's baby.

I have always wanted to learn to Tat, After 3 lessons, hours of frustration, as seen in this picture . I have put it aside until another time.

that night we had a BOYS ONLY SLEEP OVER. We have 8 grandchildren and only two of them are boys. So we had fun playing on the ramp and doing boys stuff . ( also comparing notes about how life sucks with an older sister, and who wants to play Barbie ..dirty word ..dolls anyway )

Our Grandma would never feed us Junk or let us lay in bed and eat it , or let us watch TV doing it either!

After the boys went home , the men came to lay the cement on the RAMP. AS one Grandson said "Grandma you have an excellent garden now you have a ramp!" They even came on Saturday on with a scooter to prove it tee he.


The birds are busy attacking the plums, on this quiet morning , when suddenly the silence is broken by a truck backing into the drive. The birds fly off in disgust as men are daring to walk under the tree they are consuming their breakfast , lunch and dinner How dare they be so rude!


The cement is busy rolling around in the truck as a wheelbarrow approaches, and is filled. How exciting is this .

The first barrow full is tipped in place, It is really happening at long last.

SIGH Independence for James, relief for me !

Oh dear I have to wait two days to use it? But keep going you are doing a great job. James inspecting the work .

It is everything we hoped it would be and more. Who knew getting dog food out of the shed would be so fulfilling. And feeding your dog and watering the garden would be so wonderful???

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