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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Angels come to visit.

We had a sleep in this morning. Glorious. Life has been rather hectic. Next week will slow down somewhat. I was ready to do some ironing, my most unfavoured Job, when i heard a little voice come in the back door. Hanisi was her to visit. She is a very active intelligent girl all of 16 months old. She also bought her Mum and Dad and Baby Milly, who slept in our bed. So nice to have a wee angel in the house. Hanisi and I did some fun things. WE picked some butter beans , Hannis agrees with me they aren't so good raw , but I love them cooked. WE also hunted on the red plum tree for some ripe plums. I found one for her and she loved it so much she tried to put it all in her mouth.

She also had to try out the new ramp Grandpa has she ran up and down several times. Laughing and enjoying herself. This angel of ours never walks she runs all the time. Mum, Dad and Hanisi went to visit aunt Alice , we minded bub, who woke up and we got a cuddle , she was hungry, so we rang Mum to come and in the mean time she sucked furiously on Grandpa's finger.

He would have been such a good dad. He spent ages showing Hanisi Muppet's on U tube. She loves music.

It was sad they had to go we love having little people in the house.

Gee now I have to iron.

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