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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hi I am a tired happy Grandma today. I have had two of the Grandies for a couple of days. It is so nice now they are a bit older and we can talk and get to know one another, and what makes us tick. It was interesting to be asked.
"Was DAd a good boy when he was little" It was nice to say and be honest, "yes he was a very good boy"
They are also scared of spiders and see even the most minute ones at 50 paces.
So I have become Super Grandma, as for the Zillionth time they were immobile ,because a daddy long legs was on the floor. I never see them , but these young eyes sure pick them up. So I stamped on it ,
and said "not there isnt"

Their little eyes were like dinner plates. too funny

I am wanting to make a smocked dress for wee ones blessing. I have the phone number to have the smocking tucks put in, the time, the pattern at last and what is missing from the bag of fabric I bought months ago.....the rotten fabric.
I cant win, but undetered I went and bought some more. So the next bub will get a gown too. Too bad if it is born in the winter time.

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