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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Three Hours in My life.

James ready to go to the Hospital to have his fortnightly plaster change. At the beginning it was every week for a couple of months. Some times in the rain UGH!

The wheelchair follded ready to put in the back of the car

The chair in the car, some days it fits easy today it was hard to get it to fit, so I had to put the back seats down. Didnt think we would be leaving any time soon.

The dreaded parking meter, we just about own one of the wings as we have spent much money and many hours feeding this monster.

The Hospital wainting for us to enter, I stands there everyday waiting for people like us

James ready to go making sure his wallet is in his pocket

The lifts, we have already walked a distance , and have been to the Renal Unit to get weighted sitting in the wheelchair. James is weight I just push the thing.

In the lift waiting for take off , this is the view I have on our outings.
I like this shirt it says a lot . MMM mm is JAmes getting more grey ,

waiting room waiting.

the plaster room, where is happens , usually see the doctor in here , one day there were about 10 of them .

Getting the plaster cut off.

This hasnt seen the light of day for a few months

Off to 3rd floor for an xray on the left foot.

The view I have in the plaster room, James and the sink mmm

The view James has when he is having the plaster changed

the left leg in all its glory. This leg they are trying to save from collapsing. as the right leg has done. Maybe a month or two and we will have it out of plaster. Today we are off to have and

x-ray done as James has been having pain in his heel. Bad enough to wake him up at times.

This special stuff stops the plaster and gunk from causing pressure spots on the leg, so it wont go into ulcers and other nasties.

Rodney putting on the soft stuff to stop the plaster sticking
plaster is already on then we have the fibre glass for stength

waiting for the water to drip out so we can go home.

the new ramp will make our outings so much easier. when it is finished

Friday, January 15, 2010

young Wattle bird

Yesterday afternoon the wattle birds appeared again. They come back to around our house in about Sept /Oct . The Oldies tell me this is the right time to plant as they herald in the safe time to plant. They have been absent for a while , nesting. Yesterday I noticed one on the power wire, calling his shreyek-shreyek, to all the world I was so pleased to hear him back.
Then this morning outside the computer room is an apricot tree, with one apricot left on it . I could hear a young bird, begging for food, when I looked it was a wattle bird youngster, and a parent who was teaching it to eat the apricot. By flicking his long tongue into the sweet flesh.
I love the wattle birds.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Angels come to visit.

We had a sleep in this morning. Glorious. Life has been rather hectic. Next week will slow down somewhat. I was ready to do some ironing, my most unfavoured Job, when i heard a little voice come in the back door. Hanisi was her to visit. She is a very active intelligent girl all of 16 months old. She also bought her Mum and Dad and Baby Milly, who slept in our bed. So nice to have a wee angel in the house. Hanisi and I did some fun things. WE picked some butter beans , Hannis agrees with me they aren't so good raw , but I love them cooked. WE also hunted on the red plum tree for some ripe plums. I found one for her and she loved it so much she tried to put it all in her mouth.

She also had to try out the new ramp Grandpa has she ran up and down several times. Laughing and enjoying herself. This angel of ours never walks she runs all the time. Mum, Dad and Hanisi went to visit aunt Alice , we minded bub, who woke up and we got a cuddle , she was hungry, so we rang Mum to come and in the mean time she sucked furiously on Grandpa's finger.

He would have been such a good dad. He spent ages showing Hanisi Muppet's on U tube. She loves music.

It was sad they had to go we love having little people in the house.

Gee now I have to iron.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


WE have been having a very successful girls day. 2 Grand daughters to stay with Grandma. What fun they have had together playing girl stuff. Both have smaller brothers. So we have had fun. Made some pompoms. slept talked played with dolls. that was with each other. With grandma supplying the food ,treats, and cuddles.

Today we are seeing Big Al to talk about converting the car to hand controls so James can drive again. Yes I will like that. being the only driver is tiring to say the least.

We have also got the ramps in so soon James will independant. But we need some diggin done to get the cement laid to complete it . Any offers?

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Thought I would share some of our 'kids ' pictures. I need to tell you I am not a cat person, until now. I found and fell in love with Rag doll Cats. They are inside cats and they cant look after them selves out side, not natural defenses. They are more like dogs than cats, they follow you, wait at the door for your return when you are out. Sit where ever you are and wait till you move. Smell anything new in the house, and can scare big Dalmatian dogs.

Bandit had a hair cut , and was so self conscious looked for new places to hide, the dishwasher being one. Sassy just had to smell it out to ,

We found Bandit, He was white when we first met him and now he is getting darker. He became the surrogate mother ( even though he is a neutered male) when Mango and Sassy came to stay.

He has some strange sleeping places!
Look out for some more of the kids. I am having trouble getting the pictures and writing to go where I want too. Sigh

Friday, January 8, 2010

What was missed

Hi , missing in the post.

James to be in a Crow boot for the rest of his life. Only to be taken off showering. BUT he wont need the wheel chair much then we hope. That will be good. Using a walker instead

He Sad cant drive the car, Me sad to all this driving get tiring.
He glad to be able to wash his leg Me glad he will be more in dependant
and foot.
He sad boot for rest of his life Me unsure of it all
He decided on deep purple for the Me he will get sick of that colour
colour of his boot.
He wants it all over Me too ( but it is our life now)

NEXT goal to get the left leg plaster off and it be OK.

After the hospital we went to Sam's block to see what he has been doing , It is starting to look like a house now. He and Ben were busy putting in a retaining wall. Until wives mothers and kids arrived to disrupt them. It was good to see though. Pleasure to a Mother and Grandma's heart.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Well you can tell I am new to this, miss the middle of the story Sigh

Hi we have had a busy day today. I have seen all the Grand babies today at various times. I watched 3 and the Baby was good and didn't cry or miss Mum, so it is good now she can stay with us and be happy .
What a good day it has been for a Grandma.

Poor Grandpa however has not had such a wonderful day. Review time for his feet. We had many Doctors and learning doctors and such in the room as the plaster was removed and the foot dispalyed there for all to see. It is still all misshapen and weird looking but the swelling is gone and it is not hot.


Such fun climbing the heap of blue metal. I would have loved to join in too.

So fun and cuddles were had by all.

A good day for Grandma and Grandpa. If there were no feet issues it would have been wonderful.

Still learning OOoops,
I got news today of a friends child being run over, but the friend ( what a burden to bear).The child is in hospital very sick, gave me cause to ponder how blessed I have been to have had reasonably trouble free parenthood with my wee ones.
There is a need for us to be mindful of parents in distress I am thinking. What a hard thing to live th rough.
Hi I am a tired happy Grandma today. I have had two of the Grandies for a couple of days. It is so nice now they are a bit older and we can talk and get to know one another, and what makes us tick. It was interesting to be asked.
"Was DAd a good boy when he was little" It was nice to say and be honest, "yes he was a very good boy"
They are also scared of spiders and see even the most minute ones at 50 paces.
So I have become Super Grandma, as for the Zillionth time they were immobile ,because a daddy long legs was on the floor. I never see them , but these young eyes sure pick them up. So I stamped on it ,
and said "not there isnt"

Their little eyes were like dinner plates. too funny

I am wanting to make a smocked dress for wee ones blessing. I have the phone number to have the smocking tucks put in, the time, the pattern at last and what is missing from the bag of fabric I bought months ago.....the rotten fabric.
I cant win, but undetered I went and bought some more. So the next bub will get a gown too. Too bad if it is born in the winter time.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The fishing trip was a huge success. James caught a fish , no one else on the wharf did, but he was happy. We will be going fishing a little more frequently I am thinking.
I managed to get some long over due sewing done too. So we were all happy.

I have the Grand babies here today, we went out to lunch and had a look at the shops. We have had a great time enjoying each others company. I love the holidays so we get to spend time together. I get to see their personalities developing.

Monday, January 4, 2010

OK so I have started badly. I guess I will make a few mistakes. Was going to put in a comment , not a Post. I said I was not up with technology.
It is a nice cool day and my son Sam has taken James fishing . So I am having some ME time. I am not sure where to start, I have so much to do . But here is a good place , some quiet time with the computer all to myself.
I may add I have showered James and dressed his ulcers and put on his shoes and made his lunch. So need a sit down tee hee.

We went to the movies yesterday and had the day out. Lunch out and movies were good to. It was nice to be out, but boy were we glad to come home. Long day. But a good day

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Here I am !

Today I have finally worked it out. So this is my first post. I am looking forward to having this blog.

I have had a good day and life is pretty good.
My roses destroyed by the builders have recovered enough to have produced a flower. They have struggled to regrow and appear. My deep red David Austin has a flower about two inches from the root base,on the smallest most delicate stem,which is all of 1 inches long. It looks very odd, but noteworthy. This shows me that David Austin has also produced survivors as well as beautiful roses.

This brings to mind a time in my life many years ago , when one of my kids said to me late one night , when I was having a life struggle,
"Mum you know it takes a lot of manure (shit)to grown beautiful roses"
At the time when I thought long into the night about what he had said , I knew he was right . Now today as I thought about the roses struggle . I was reminded of that time and I can see I too have struggled despite the adversaries put in front of me. Also reflecting on the amount of manure thrown my way, I too may have a bud in there somewhere, ready to bloom. I just know I can hold my head up knowing I have tried hard, to become who I am .

The yellow carpet rose James gave me, last year, which I was sure had been destroyed by the same sheet of iron, at it was cut it off at the ground,wasn't totally gone.
It had managed to send out a foot long stem, and bravely produced a yellow rose about 1 inch in size.
So that spot in my garden, as they are side by side looks happy and hopeful. I have had time to reflect and learn a lesson or two about not giving up. Even when you've had you head cut off. and you are standing in Manure.
This applies to keep trying with all this new technology ,as it is possible to master its quirks . Sort of like the story of the little train going up the hill we learned about as kids. "I think I can , I think I can" I am not sure our Mothers realised some of the things we would need to master. to remain on a par with the world and up to date with our children.
I have taken the mighty leap and have started a blog.
It is a sunny warm day. I am happy and hope you are too.