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Thursday, July 22, 2010

To Hobart Just because

James and I decided for our 9th Anniversary we would have a few days in Hobart, My childhood Home. Home for me until my parents passed away. This is the first time I went to Hobart because I wanted to go. Had not reason to go . Just because.

This is my beloved Mount Direction. I walked up the right hand side aged about 14 with a couple of friends. This was the view from our bedroom window. I loved its moods and colours. I hated it when fire threatened it. The views from the top were my first experience of real views, love the memories.

We also visited the childhood home, it is rather different now. Dad's precious sheds have gone. and a better view of the house is had. Memories. The window showing white was my bedroom.

This is the actual view from my bedroom window, my mountain, there always , when I was happy , sad, sick or well. I loved to wander in the bush and look at her , She is steadfast and always there .

They have changed the name of the street we lived in too , It is now Church point. Mmm interesting . I like t he history of Gregson Street, after Mr Gregson who settled at Risdon at the time of first settlement. The little church came much later. Although it has convict bricks in the foundation.

The lovely look of federation houses and Mount Wellington again. a view from our hotel.

Hobarts Sunsets are wonderful to see.

My happy husband on a Safari bus telling a Domadary he is friendly . WE had a lot of fun at ZooDoo in Tea Tree

We enjoyed the feeding of the animals and James now wants a Kangaroo as a pet. I dont think so some how . For some reason he didnt ask for a Devil

The Emus and Ostriches we fed by us holding a white paper bag of chaff, and prepared food, James' Ostrich swiped his whole bag of food bag and all and proceeded to eat the whole bag. Much to every ones delight. We had a ball and I think the animals did to

There are Tigers and Lions too see another time
Some cute birds and monkeys to see to. I ran out of battery in the camera , so was shut down from taking too many pictures.