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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Here I am !

Today I have finally worked it out. So this is my first post. I am looking forward to having this blog.

I have had a good day and life is pretty good.
My roses destroyed by the builders have recovered enough to have produced a flower. They have struggled to regrow and appear. My deep red David Austin has a flower about two inches from the root base,on the smallest most delicate stem,which is all of 1 inches long. It looks very odd, but noteworthy. This shows me that David Austin has also produced survivors as well as beautiful roses.

This brings to mind a time in my life many years ago , when one of my kids said to me late one night , when I was having a life struggle,
"Mum you know it takes a lot of manure (shit)to grown beautiful roses"
At the time when I thought long into the night about what he had said , I knew he was right . Now today as I thought about the roses struggle . I was reminded of that time and I can see I too have struggled despite the adversaries put in front of me. Also reflecting on the amount of manure thrown my way, I too may have a bud in there somewhere, ready to bloom. I just know I can hold my head up knowing I have tried hard, to become who I am .

The yellow carpet rose James gave me, last year, which I was sure had been destroyed by the same sheet of iron, at it was cut it off at the ground,wasn't totally gone.
It had managed to send out a foot long stem, and bravely produced a yellow rose about 1 inch in size.
So that spot in my garden, as they are side by side looks happy and hopeful. I have had time to reflect and learn a lesson or two about not giving up. Even when you've had you head cut off. and you are standing in Manure.
This applies to keep trying with all this new technology ,as it is possible to master its quirks . Sort of like the story of the little train going up the hill we learned about as kids. "I think I can , I think I can" I am not sure our Mothers realised some of the things we would need to master. to remain on a par with the world and up to date with our children.


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. Are you going to join the Friday Flaunt?

  2. I am not real sure what Friday Flaunting is? Can you tell me ?