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Saturday, January 9, 2010


Thought I would share some of our 'kids ' pictures. I need to tell you I am not a cat person, until now. I found and fell in love with Rag doll Cats. They are inside cats and they cant look after them selves out side, not natural defenses. They are more like dogs than cats, they follow you, wait at the door for your return when you are out. Sit where ever you are and wait till you move. Smell anything new in the house, and can scare big Dalmatian dogs.

Bandit had a hair cut , and was so self conscious looked for new places to hide, the dishwasher being one. Sassy just had to smell it out to ,

We found Bandit, He was white when we first met him and now he is getting darker. He became the surrogate mother ( even though he is a neutered male) when Mango and Sassy came to stay.

He has some strange sleeping places!
Look out for some more of the kids. I am having trouble getting the pictures and writing to go where I want too. Sigh

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  1. Hey There-

    I hope all is well and just remember heavenly father never gives us more then what we can handle. There is a reason for everything. I had a wonderful dream about visiting you in Austrilia. I know that I am really missing you my dear friend. Love ya tons,