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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Today I have been busy. And very Blessed.

I have seen all but one of my children and spouse's or is that spice's. In one day.
Good to catch up with them all. To see those precious Grand babies , total 8.
To spend time with them. to see how they have grown, so much.

MY Dear Mother always said "they grow at the end of summer".
Boy she was right, they are growing.

So are the two special spirits growing in Utro. big spurts happening there too. I envy the mums having this special time with the newest souls coming into the family. How I loved being pregnant. The anticipation, the special feelings I had,while being a co-creator. Sigh I miss those special times.

Had some special time with one wee soul, 'reading' the newspaper, she was so proud, much to see in the newspaper, many pictures that held her interest for a long time. I cant get her to sit and read a book with me yet , but the newspaper she loved.
She told her Dad when he came home "paper" but he didn't know what she was telling him, but Grandma did, as Grandma's do.

I hope these sweet spirits remember me, I hope I am around long enough to have many special times with them. I hope they know I love them very much for the special little people they are.

A sweet lady my Auntie Pearl , left this life yesterday, I have also had memories of the times we were together. Remembering my Parents, and their siblings and special childhood times we had.
I was blessed having them as my teachers. A special Day for me . More than just another day for me.
James is also a huge blessing to me , remembering some of our times together too.

Getting older wasn't so bad today, reminiscing and remembering

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