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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the week after busy time.

James to the plaster clinic' Friday
"Oh we are so sorry the Crow boot is not ready for another 2 weeks"
OK big Sigh
Same old same old
old plaster off, OH THE SMELL James has a mess on the front of his shin. Puss and smelly gunk oozing from under the plastic cover on his leg, where the skin was pulled of in two place last time it was changed.
To my horror nurse cleaned it up ,
put more plastic dressing stuff on ,
told us it would be OK and trotted of.

NO Doctor no medication nothing .
I asked but was told No in no uncertain terms.

I did take a picture and we did visit our GP with the pictures and she gave him some anti-biotics at least which may or may not help . Gosh if it gets too bad he will loose the leg, but hey do the plaster clinic care.............seems not.
they got to put the plaster on which "is their job" I guess, don't even ask a resident Doctor what he thinks. Hey they still get paid if James looses his leg, every one is happy but me who will have to do the physical and metal work when shit happens.

Think I am over hospitals and Doctors and all that . Sure I am they have made so many mistakes with us already. But another day another Doctor another problem.

I am so glad we get it off next fortnight (we hope ) so we can dress it , and care for it .

So after that we come home, I haven't been feeling so good for a couple of days by this. Saturday I have a few trips to the bathroom to visit Auntie.
Sunday we get up to go to church and I go and go and go , like the Milo Add says, but to the bathroom . Don't stop until Monday morning.
Monday I try some food, and I am off again. So no food until Tuesday night .
Wednesday I wake up feeling so bad ( and have family crap to deal with )
By the afternoon I Have a cold sore, OH JOY happening on my chin.
Thursday I wake with cold sores on 4 more places on my mouth sore sore sore!
well clusters of cold sores and up my nose I can feel one lurking there , oh sweet. I ache, my head aches , a feel so bad and my mouth is a thing of beauty ---NOT. I am not a happy camper.

I forgot to mention the guy from the carpet shop came to inspect the vinyl floor which is bubbling again!!!! they are going to replace the whole floor again. I am not excited with this at all . I am so over renovations and such.

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