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Thursday, July 7, 2011

I am back again

A few weeks ago, I decided it was time to try to sew again. The under arm movement wasn't too bad so into the sewing room I go. The old Elna had been playing up, so I fiddled and fiddled trying to get the tension right. I was sure it was cotton stuck in the bobbin case somewhere. ( Have since found out the needle was back the front, well D'oh!). So decided to get out the spare machine I have. It has been so long I had forgotten how to use it.
So I set it on the table and was looking up something in the sewing machine manual, when all of a sudden off the machine went , like a race horse in the Melbourne cup, sewing by itself.
The smell was awful!!!!! Like burning old sox. So here I was with he will and no way.
So My dear man suggested , I use some of the money I have been holding on to to buy a new machine. So out to Esmes we go and I come home with a new you beaut sewing machine. It threads itself and has many speeds and is light and sews like a dream. (I am in love with it) it is so quiet I even sew in the lounge room, in the warm. I have been very productive.
I made the quilt "circle of Friends"for Miss Milly , just 20 months too late .
I made it and quilted it on the machine. I am so proud of it . My first proper quilting!!

Then my dear daughter told us they were gettign a new puppy. Her name is Indy ( we have been baby sitting through the week, to help toilet train her. she is so good. Best baby I ever had. So Of course she needed a blanket. I had some Dalmation fabric left over from a cushion I made Al. So I just threw it together the night before we left, it wont win any prizes but it is her blanket and It looks better in real life than this. (She has a big brother Beau at home) The weather has been so cold and windy too , so needed to be kept warm.

The next day off we went to get Indy and here she is .

She sleeps with the tongue out, she barks and sucks and runs all in her sleep.

I think we like her a bit dont you?

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