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Friday, June 10, 2011


It has been a while. Too much life. Radiation kind of did things to me that made me leave the human race for a while. Example Sleeping , yes it is possible for me to sleep 18 to 20 hours a day. I am just starting to wake up at 10 am. Some days I can do it earlier if I really have too, but I am to be seen hugging the couch most nights. So just keeping up with day to day things like laundry and sleeping in a clean bed are a priority.
Enough, I don't want to revisit there. It was all too hard.
But soon I will be doing the Doctors revisits to see what they have to say. I am feeling better. I have a bad back ( ruptured disc) and a knee that needed a choritisone injection, and joy I could walk without pain. But of course t his is all due to me being a big girl. Just ask the Doctors. What do you tell he skinny people who have these problems. "They have them for different reasons""
Oh really so why cant I ?? Cause you are overweight.
So if you are over weight loose it. as even a cold is blamed on being over weight.

I am back. sitting in the sun, sewing again after a log long time of not . James is getting an electirc wheel chair. soon, so I wont have to push him any more >>I hope . if we can get it in the van of course.
Life is good , love my kids , and my grandbabies. They make me happy. I am blessed!!

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