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Monday, March 22, 2010

I stole this idea from Jasmine, who stole it from some one else.

Watching :: House, Biographies, movies love "the Blind Side"
READING :: Phillipa Gregory "the White Queen" Like her books right now
Reading :: Blogs, learning from them
Making :: progress, very slowly on some charity quilts, a quilt for me and making my spare room livable for friends and family to visit.
Eating :: wishing I could eat raspberries and cream right now
Feeling :: flat as a pancake
Thinking :: Should be doing some other things
I have so much to do
Hoping :: i will get some things done today.
Wondering :: how much will I achieve today and will it be worth the effort, when this cold thing will go away so I can think
Hearing :: the TV , knowing Hubie is happy and not needing my help just now.

Liking :: autumn days and colours and cool nights and my kids and their kids coming to see me
Wanting :: just a lot more time - some time for just me . A whole day would be nice like the day in the picture , just me and two Grandbabies, enjoying being together and by a river mmm so good!

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  1. Hello Jenny!!!
    I heard last year you were coming over.. to Colorado Springs..... well, I live about 1/2hr from there... I was hoping to meet up with you..I never heard anymore... and yes casowhat is our Missionary Paul!! ,I came across Paul's blog.. well, his wife ,Kim ,keeps it up... as you did...He looks blissfully happy...I haven't seen or heard from he since he got married... shame cos we were good friends for a long time...
    it is nice to catch up with everyone...from their blogs..I know it takes a lot of time but it is so worth it ... if you go to mine,you can link to the launceston crowd and my family here... I just had great nephew twin boys born.. early but home now from the NICU....
    Take care and drop me a note.. I'm on facebook too.. so are Kim and Paul.....