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Friday, June 8, 2012

I love you Grandies

I am determined to write a blog, even though it is time for the news and I have my Grandsons over for a sleep over.   I have been working, getting frustrated and madder and madder as I couldn't get into my blog. would you belied, the new changes had me stumped.  after much trying, I finally watched the video, still no help. Changed the password , again that is about 15 times.  But success I am here!!!!!
just to say hello. The post I wanted to write about the Peaches will have to wait. As I have to go keep two excited little boys one 7 and one 6, who love one another to bits, but only get to spend lots of time together when at Grandma's.  They are having such fun.  Me too. Scones and Jam and cream for tea.  And a chat about who taught their dads to make Scones.  what fun.  The wanted to help but were too busying doing everything there is to do hear. Plus talk talk they haven't stopped both at the same time. Such fun. Love these Grandie Days. Hope I have many more of them.


  1. love that picture of the bird and her babies grandma...well done keep on blogging and
    Thank you for the birthday wishes...have had my grandies here this week time to blog much...and now more grandma stuff to do this it...even though it tires is a contented tiredness.

  2. Hi Jenny

    My e-mail is

    Talk to you soon

  3. Hi there...thanks for coming over and joining in...I'm a Grandma too...Enjoy those Grandies when they come over...such fun...