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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Number 9

June the 1st was a special day for many people . For us it is because Luci Phyllis Gladys Terry joined our expanding family she is so sweet . I haven't met h er in person yet. I have the dreaded cold/flu with the cold sores that are so dangerous to newborns. So I will get all well before I meet her. I have been told lost about her. like she weighted 8lbs 8oz and she has dark hair. Her brother and sisters have the gorgeous shades of Strawberry blonde . So she will be a stand out beauty in her family. We will meet her soon and love her to bits. I never thought I would have children, much less be the grandma to 9 gorgeous angels. WE are proud of our kids and grand babies. Who are all as excited as we are that another soul has been entrusted into our family.

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